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I will come to you! Sometimes it makes more sense to diagnose and solve a computer or network problem by observing it in its native surroundings.

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Using remote-control software, This service allows FCS to resolve your technical problem quickly right in front of you, which saves you time and money.


January 2015

Merle M

I have been using Mark's service for about 5 yrs. now along with numerous family and friends. We have all been extremely happy with Mark. He's very reasonable and a great guy.»

July 2014

Anthony A

Mark, You did an excellent job on my computer. It’s fast and I don’t get those nasty ad pop ups on the internet.»

January 2014

Gwen T

I recently had a whole bunch of computer issues and was referred to Fredrick's computer service, what a blessing it was to find him. Thanks for doing such an outstanding job,»

February 2012

Derrick G

Thanks again Mark man... keep doing well man... killer service you're offering. »

March 2012

Sandi B

You have always done a great job for me!!!!!! wouldn't call anyone else!!!!!! you know yur stuff "&" go that extra mile... thnks »


Deb S.

In April of 2012 the company I worked for 17-1/2 yrs conducted yet another staff reduction. Boy was that a rude awakening, things sure have changed since I last had to look for employment. I was in need of a computer being set-up in my home. I never considered having a computer at home since I worked on one all day. I also had the luxury of an IT department to deal with all those nasty little demons "&" dragons that caused problems. Mark was like a knight in shining armor came to my rescue. Mark is very motivated and has the technical skills that produce outstanding performance. He is a success in his own right. »

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